Landing Extension


Our 26” x26” Landing Extension is made of  sturdy wood steps with anti-skid treads, and a black powder coated steel frame. To use, flip the Extension Landing upside down and place it over the steps.  You can also use it as a loading aid to climb onto and off of truck beds.



ATW  (all-terrain wheels ) are 15” x 6” and pneumatic - you roll effortlessly across your client’s expensive sod lawn, gravel, sand and construction sites. No tools are needed. The ATW wheels quickly attach to the back side of the LECTROTRUCK.

Strap Bars


The Concave Strap bar is a variation of the standard strap bar; Positions cylindrical loads on the toe plate. 

Sizes available are:
    • 36" Commercial      • 12" Single

  • 12" Double

Wheel Brakes


Great for beginner users and deliveries on tapered, beveled or worn stairs. Also useful for chalking the load during vehicle transportation.

Hook Box


Mounts into the bed of your truck or the floor of your trailer to allow the LECTROTRUCK to be used as a  powered lift gate.

Toe-Plate Adapter


The toe plate adapter offers a  deeper 12" plate to set your load on. Available in   24" & 30" widths including custom sizes.

Continued Accessories

Caster Attachment


Installs under your load with a strap. Stand the load upright and you can maneuver in less room than usual.



The Heavy-Duty Tripod (A) attaches to the LECTROTRUCK and the
Hook Bar (B) to move loads over smooth surfaces. (Steel Models Only.)


Balance Box Kit


The Balance Box Kit makes short, heavy loads taller by shimming it up with the balance box. It really makes the tough loads easy to manipulate.

Battery Charger


The 6 amp battery charger simply plugs into the wall and then into your LECTROTRUCK to efficiently

charge overnight.

Maintenance Kit


Complete with new footpads, rivets, rubber strap bar holders, and a
silicone lubricant. 

Converter Kit


The battery power converter kit easily adapts the electrical system to any power current system in the world.