U.S.A. Dealers and Distributors

Located Across The United States



U.S.A. Dealer/Distributors payment requirements are based on past and/or present credit history.  Pricing is subject to inflation, tariff fees, and material/vendor markets and may change without notice.   

All Dealer/Distributors are required by law, to pay state sales tax for out-of-state LECTROTRUCK purchases, unless exempt. Wisconsin Dealer/Distributors  are required by law, to pay Wisconsin State sales tax for each LECTROTRUCK purchase, unless exempt. 

Dealer/Distributors Payment is on time if received in our office according to the terms (stated in calendar days) of the invoice ship date, unless otherwise, specified. 

If we do not receive your payment by the due date listed on your invoice, you may have to pay an 8% late fee. 


Dealer/Distributors are not available in the state(s) of California, and Michigan, U.S.A.  


Location: Lakewood, NJ 

Contact: Haskel  Fleischer 

Phone: 888-811-5941 

Fax: 240-306-9319 

Email: Haskel@handtrucks2go.com 

Area: Online Only 

Acme Electric
Location: Bismarck, ND
Contact: Gary Ford
Phone: 701-746-2823
Fax: 701-787-3352
Email: gford@acme-rents.com
Area: North & South Dakota(s)

 Contractors Supply
Location: Stamford, CT
Contact: Patrick DeBattista
Phone: 203-323-3752
Fax: 203-353-9450
Email: pzin@optonline.net
Area: Connecticut and North Eastern United States
Contact for info

 D&S Vending, Inc
Location:Cleveland, OH
Contact: Jason Greene
Phone: 800-445-8363
Fax: 800-275-8583
Email: jasongreene9@att.net
Area: Nationwide-Contact for info
Easy Lift Equipment
Location: Newark, DE
Contact: Joe Irons
Phone: 800-233-1800
Fax: 302-737-7333
Email: j.irons@easylifteqpt.com
Area: Nationwide-Contact for info

Empire Lectro Truck
Location: Closter, NJ
Contact: Ken Comarau
Phone: 800-875-7247
Fax: 201-767-7088
Email: kc@intpp.com
Area: NJ, NH, MA, CT, RI & limited parts of NY-Contact   for info 

 Fradon Lock
Location: Syracuse, NY
Contact: Don Rapp
Phone: 315-472-6989 or 1-800-447-0591
Fax: 315-472-0958
Email: fradonlock@aol.com
Area: Nationwide-Contact for info

Happ Controls
Location: Elk Grove Village, IL
Contact: Dick Geerling
Phone: 847-593-6130
Fax: 847-981-2688
Email: dick.geerling@happ.com
Area:Nationwide-Contact for info

Location: Nicholasville, KY  
Contact: Jackie Blankenship
Phone: 859-885-6041
Fax: 859-887-0341
Email: jackieblankenship@lockmasters.com
Area: Nationwide-Contact for info

Rental Time Rental Center
Location: Gibsonia, PA
Contact: Bob Clager
Phone: 724-444-7200 or 412-487-4811
Fax: 724-444-7214
Email: recrental@yahoo.com
Area: Pennsylvania

Smith Hamilton Shop
Location: Miami, FL
Contact: Robert Thompson
Phone: 800-458-3687 Ext. 801
Fax: 865-376-9792
Email:   Robert@southern-tool.com
Area: Nationwide-Contact for   Info

Location: Waukee, IA
Contact: Darryl Mowrer
Phone: 515-271-8362 or 800-833-4411
Fax: 515-271-8555
Email: service@vendnetusa.com
Email: dmowrer@wittern.com
Area: Nationwide-Contact for info